Fire Doors

Fire Doors

RAPL with the support of in house advanced sheet metal fabrica on equipments and technically sound professional and highly experience work force we are able to take premium quality products. As per customer requirement. We are also using premium quality raw material of branded make companies for our products. These products has extensive usage in pharma, chemical, commercial building, Food & Beverages industry.

Honeycomb Kraft paper with its unique properties enhances the structural integrity of the doors with actually adding any additional weight to the door.The final finish on the door is predominantly dependent on the quality of the honeycomb kraft and resin glue which is used to get the flat surface. This infill material invariably has high crushing strength leading to impact resistance.The quality and consistent flat surface achieved because of the infill material is exceponal to the material and design of the doors. *Mineral wool can also be provided a an alternate in fill

Rock wool doors for exterior application: These doors are used for rigidity and are available in varying strength and quality,while the thickness of the stiffeners can vary, we offer different of gauge galvanised steel. Spacing between stiffeners may vary frm 4” to 6”.They are wided to each other on top and boom and, to the inside door skin.


Polyurethane Foam is used as an insulator and provides complete support, impact resistance and exceptional thermal resistance.It offers the lowest”U” value(approx.0.09) and the highest ”R” factor(approx11.1)

Wood Finish Doors

Wood finish doors offers the perfect combination and alternate for architects who perfect to use “steel” over “timber”. These doors offers the ‘elegance of wood’ with the ‘strength of steel’.


Aesthetically superior

Robust structure

Fully flush construction


Never warps

Dark Mahogany

Light Mahogany

White Mahogany